Sat down with Josh Buchter, a Credit Consultant w/ Better Qualified, LLC and Russ Romano of Supreme Lending to chat about all things credit and mortgages. After living thru the recent economic crisis that occurred in this country and is still ongoing, for many of us it has become clear the way we do business and live our lives has changed. as well as our ability to buy a car or house or anything that would require a loan. I learned a lot about how your credit is used, how it’s determined in obtaining a mortgage and the importance of getting prequalified.

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Susie Procini speaks from experience when she shares her techniques for getting healthy. She lost weight, looks fabulous and has a thriving health coaching practice. I enjoyed hearing about how her own journey helps others in their struggles to get healthy. The music is by the very talented Dan-O….check him out on

Chatted with Lori Shapiro about her business By All Writes. She is a fabulous writer and I wanted to find out more about what it’s like to write for other people and how she comes up with such a witty and fresh take on her subject matter.

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Had a great time chatting with Chris Owens about his lincsphere software he developed to help us all get organized with our networking. Besides being a web designer, he is a proficient business networker and shares some great tips on how to bring value to your networking. Check it

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Pam Henshall had a vision of a community of business owners not only dedicated to helping each other, but contributing to the community around them.  This B2B community would act as a ‘hub’ for business professionals to engage & interact with each other.

In this first of many podcasts to follow, Pam and Staci talk about Pam’s new company, Shifting Trends, LLC and her hand-holding approach to helping businesses with their marketing, pr and social media.

 Pam says many organizations are founded on the principle that when we do the right thing, it will come back to us.  Shifting Trends is focused on such a concept. What knowledge, skills, contacts and abilities do I have that can help those around me?  Even though I’m in business for myself, I’m not by myself.  I have a community, a hub, of people around me who, if we stick together, neighbor to neighbor, can provide each other all the tools we need to be abundantly successful. 

You can find this podcast and others on and you are encouraged to list your business in the directory there as well.

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Terika Floyd is a lovely young visual artist who started Andrea’s Artz to address the creative needs of community. She teaches a monthly creative workshop for no cost at the Merchantville Community Center as well as teaches children’s art classes. Her artistry is evident throughout her graphic work as well as her paintings. Listen to her share her thoughts with Staci on art, education and her company.

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This is an interview I did with Jody Campbell of Rapid Refill Voorhees, the lone Rapid Refill franchisee in NJ. Rapid Refill is an environmentally friendly ink and toner company.

In this podcast, Jody shares how he found Rapid Refill, why he likes the company and some valuable information about the ink and toner cartridge manufacturers that we all should know.